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Zillionaires on Mars By Big potato

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Embark on a cosmic adventure with "Zillionaires on Mars" by Big Potato, a stellar family board game that combines the thrill of strategic bidding with the fun of a four-in-a-row challenge. Set against the backdrop of Martian property magnates, this game offers an intergalactic twist to your traditional game night.

Game Features:

  • Start with a Fortune: Each player begins the game with a whopping $49 zillion. Use this astronomical budget to outbid your opponents and secure the most sought-after Martian properties.
  • Bid on Unique Properties: From the bustling casino city of Lost Vegas to the serene E-Tee golf course, each property offers unique advantages and challenges. Strategize wisely to make the most of your investments.
  • Family-Friendly Competition: Designed for 2-5 players and suitable for kids age 8 and up, Zillionaires on Mars is an inclusive game that encourages friendly competition and strategic thinking among family and friends.
  • Quick and Engaging Play: Learn the rules in minutes and dive into a game that lasts just 30 minutes, perfect for a fast-paced, fun-filled family game night.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Simple Yet Strategic: The rules are straightforward enough for children to understand, but the game also requires enough strategy to keep adults engaged.
  • Educational Aspect: Players learn basic economic principles such as bidding and budget management, all while immersed in a fun, thematic setting.
  • Engaging Theme: The Martian setting and whimsical property names add a layer of excitement and immersion that sets this game apart from traditional property-buying games.

Grab your spacesuit and your wallet, and prepare for a journey to Mars where you might just become a zillionaire! "Zillionaires on Mars" is not just a game; it’s a fast-paced, bluffing bonanza that promises to bring laughs, strategy, and interplanetary conquest to your next family game night.

Zillionaires on Mars By Big potato
Zillionaires on Mars By Big potato

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