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Anachrony: Fractures of Time Board Game Expansion by Mindclash

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Anachrony: Fractures of Time Board Game Expansion by Mindclash

Since the Paths' Time Rifts activated on the Day of Reminiscence, many across New Earth have seen visions of a fifth Time Rift hovering over the eerie Ground Zero of the impact. These visions fostered a strong sense of empathy and fellowship among people, transcending their Path affiliations. During the first Era, a mass exodus from the Path capitals occurred as pioneers discovered that the Time Rift in their visions was real. This Rift held the foundation of a new civilization, potentially guiding all of New Earth towards the Path of Unity.

Explorers from the Path of Unity soon uncovered a hidden mountain valley where the flora not only survived the impact but evolved due to the asteroid’s toxic Neutronium dust. The resulting flower-like crystal formations produce a substance called Flux, which is harvested and studied by the valley’s mysterious inhabitants, the Harvesters. These enigmatic beings are willing to share the secrets of Flux technology with the Paths but remain silent about its side effects, which only they are immune to.

In the alternate storyline of Fractures of Time, Anachrony’s first major expansion, the four original Paths and the newly formed Path of Unity gain access to a powerful new technology called Flux. Flux Cores can be acquired in the Amethynia Valley, the expansion’s primary zone. By using the Flux Cores to power their Fracture device, players can move (“Blink”) an already placed Exosuit to a new action space, or immediately retrieve Workers or Free Action markers. This results in unprecedented action efficiency, but like the Time Rifts, Flux technology is a double-edged sword. Without an advanced Fracture device, overuse can cause Temporal Glitches, which lead to negative effects such as shutting down Exosuit bay slots, temporarily disabling buildings, or increasing susceptibility to Anomalies.

The Valley holds other secrets as well. The Operators’ advanced technology allows players to remove Temporal Glitches, upgrade their classic Path tech with new features, and even recruit the Harvesters as a powerful new class of Workers, immune to the side effects of Flux.

Embrace the challenge of the Fractures of Time expansion and lead your Path to unprecedented heights of power and unity!

Anachrony: Fractures of Time Board Game Expansion by Mindclash
Anachrony: Fractures of Time Board Game Expansion by Mindclash

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